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I’ve got something to post about my experience.

Sometimes people only know what they can get from others.
I was a bit wired.
I’ll tell u the story why I feel like this.
At first I was living with my cousion’s friends house.
They have rented that house for 1 year contract.
And that house needs to renew the contract on comming April.
Over here, if we renew the contract, we’ve to paid for the agent fees. ( half of the house rent fees).
So we need to pay S$500 for the agent fees if we want to hire the same flat.
So the house owner asks the other room-mates ( who all living ) to share the agent fees.
So we all paid S$105 for the agent fees. ( that is for the house-renting start from April )
And I’ve some reason to move to new house on comming April.
So I’m not no longer staying at the old house. ( place where I live with my cuousion’s friends).
Normally they have to refund me the agent fees that I’ve paid since I’m not staying there start from April.
But you know what, they pretend to forgot and didn’t say anyting about the agent fees that I’ve paid.
So I also don’t wanna ask them to pay my agent fees back since they are my cousion’s friend.
So at first I decided not to ask the agent fees by myself. I’ll get it if they refund me back.
But this morning the house owner SMS me and asking to pay for the internet fees for the month of March. ( We only

need to pay for the internet fees at the end of the month )
I know that I’ve to pay internet fees for the month of March.
It’s only S$20.
So I ask them that whether they’ll refund my agent fees (S$105) back?
And tell him to deduct the internet fees from the agent fees that they need to refund.
So they’ve to refund me S$85.
But you know what, when I replied him like that he says that case( refunding my agent fees back ) will be handled by

another person. ( his sister’s friend )
So I ask him that shall I need to pay the internet fees first to him? 🙂
Oh..people are so wired.
Only know what they can get and pretend to forgot what they’ve to paid back.

And also you know what, there’s one sister ( the house owner’s sister’s friend ).
When I informed her that I’m going to moved to new house, she can’t even talk to me lately.
I couldn’t think of why she become like this.
Now I understand why she’s like this. She doesn’t want to pay the agent fees that I’ve paid. 🙂

As of now I didn’t get any reply from them whether they’ll refund S$85 or not. 🙂

So funny 🙂


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