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Sometimes we get the following error message although we remove the virtual directory from the IIS and create the same virtual directory with the same as the one we’ve been deleted recently.

“The alias ‘LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT/virtual_directory_name’ already exists.”


Go to command prompt and type the following

C:\Inetpub\AdminScripts>cscript adsutil.vbs DELETE W3SVC/1/ROOT/virtual_directory_name

Done! That’s it.

Happy Reading ! )


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This happens to me when my computer is cut off power accidentally and I swithc on my computer again. But the window doesn’t restart.

It’s wiered 😦

After that I found the cause of the reason.

I forgot to remove my mp3 player from USB drive.

So if you also face this kind of problem , you can check whether the removable devices are connected to your computer or not. If there it’s , then remove them and try again.

Hope it might help for some people!

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Select the web page and right-click it and then choose ‘View Component Designer’ from the context menu.

And then  you can add page-level events for your page.

Note: It’s in C#

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-Go to Control Pannel/Administrative tools/Data Sources( ODBC )


-Type odbcad32 at command prompt.

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– Create a folder that you want to place the installation log file in your drive. (eg: C:/Test )

-Create a file with extension “.log” (eg: installLog.log)

-Type MSIEXEC.exe /I <path of the setup file>  /I <path of the install log file>

(eg: msiexe.exe C:/TestInstaller.exe C:/Test/installLog.log )

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